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20+ Years of Compassion, Commitment and Care

Absolute Health Care is celebrating 20+ years of supporting families in need of homecare services. Founded in 1993 by Vicki Geisler, this one-time small business that operated out of Vicki's home, now employs home care aides and provides care for clients across southern California.

Vicki began her career in the health care industry 40 years ago as a Registered Nurse. It was during her career as an RN that she saw a growing need for home care. Vicki's COMPASSION for her clients and COMMITMENT to her principles of elevated CARE continue to guide Absolute Health Care today.

Our Commitment to Care

We understand how stressful choosing the right home care assistance can be for everyone involved. It is our goal to help you feel at ease with your decision to choose Absolute Health Care.

We believe:

It is essential to show COMPASSION for our clients and their loved ones. COMMITMENT to both allows us to provide the best possible CARE and that is what drives us to be the most respected caregiving service available.

Our Commitment to Care goes beyond standard services.

We Commit To:

  • Treating every client and loved one with compassion, dignity and respect.
  • Empowering our clients to maintain a comfortable level of independence.
  • Assessing our client's needs fairly as to allocate time and money wisely.
  • Being available for urgent issues, 24/7, 365 days of the year.
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